[Limited offer] In addition to 2 samples of your choice, a complimentary Oud Maracujá and Neroli Nasimba sample offered for every order which includes a 50 ml or 100 ml bottle. A sample of Neroli Nasimba offered for all orders of a 30 ml. Free standard delivery for orders above 50€ in most EU countries (exceptions apply) and 100€ for other markets.

Magic Blotters

To enhance the surprising sensory experience offered by each fragrance, Maison Crivelli's blotters magically reveal images of perfume ingredients as seen through a microscope.

A tribute to Thibaud Crivelli’s childhood memories and the time he spent with his grandfather, a botanist and doctor, who introduced him to his passion by inviting him to examine plants under a microscope.  

The promise of a complete sensory experience, and a perfect gift with which to surprise your loved ones.  

Pairs well with our Expériences Olfactives deluxe sample set and our coffret extraits.

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