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Osmanthe Kodoshan

The defining adventure: discovering osmanthus flowers on a tropical mountain shrouded in mist.

The surprising contrast: a leather and verdant osmanthus contrasts with moist and mysterious woody notes.

Fragrance family: chypre fruity leather eau de parfum.

Key raw materials: star anise essential oil, Sichuan pepper essential oil, osmanthus absolute, black tea absolute, patchouli essential oil, tobacco absolute, cistus absolute.

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In collaboration with: Stéphanie Bakouche

  • Jade poles, bamboo bridges,
  • wuthering mist. Mad meditation,
  • leathery osmanthus, frankincense spirals.
  • Peppery star anise, dark leaves,
  • smoky patchouli. Floating mountains,
  • ivory dawn, gold infinity.

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Jade poles, bamboo bridges
Wuthering mist
Mad meditation
Leathery osmanthus
Frankincense spirals
Peppery star anise
Dark leaves, smoky patchouli
Floating mountains
Ivory dawn, gold infinity

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