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Perfume is a

– Thibaud Crivelli

A fragrance is an unpredictable and mysterious art form that is constantly evolving.

The facets of a perfume intermingle and express themselves in turn, evolving, and thereby giving the perfume a living energy and character that thrills the senses in a totally personal manner.

Beauty lies
in the

It is this conviction that drove visionary founder Thibaud to launch Maison Crivelli.

Through each Haute Parfumerie creation, Thibaud Crivelli shares the memory of an unexpected and ultra-sensorial encounter with fragrance raw materials.

This collection has been crafted with various perfume masters, each of them having a unique artistic approach. Each fragrance surprises with its contrasts, originality and modernity.

A time for

Today, through his perfumes, Thibaud Crivelli is sharing more than 15 years of exploring plantations and raw materials markets. These experiences have given him an instinctive, sensorial and global understanding of perfume, which complements the perfumers’ knowledge perfectly.

A time for

Most of the natural ingredients used in our perfumes are carefully selected from special partners, then hand-picked and transformed. This delicate harvesting protects all the fragrant qualities of the plant, particularly for the Centifolia Roses grown in Grasse, sandalwood, vanilla, iris butter, Egyptian jasmine and blackcurrant buds.

Certain raw materials are also organically cultivated or Fair Trade Certified, such as spearmint or Guatemalan cardamom.
savoir faire

A time for

Each perfume in the collection is created free of time constraints. For each project, the perfumers are briefed with a multi-sensorial mood-board, retracing the experience that Thibaud Crivelli wants to share.

The perfumers then propose creative compositions that are evaluated, and then re-worked until the final version of the perfume is validated.

This process can take anything from several months, to 2 years of work.

A time for

In an extension of this slow perfume philosophy, Maison Crivelli also invites you to take the time to discover perfume
from a new angle, in order to better understand it.

For each perfume in the collection, you can view the brief sent to the perfumers. The words, images and sounds they contain enable you to understand the perfume on a different level, and give it personal meaning.

This multi-sensorial experience is available exclusively in our boutiques and on our website.