Neroli Nasimba

The experience: a discovery of orange blossom during a walking safari

The surprising contrast: orange blossom essential oil (neroli) and a leather accord

Fragrance family: floral leather eau de parfum, concentration of 18%

Key raw materials: tangerine, CO2 extract of pink peppercorn (LMR naturals®), cardamom essential oil (LMR naturals®), orange blossom absolute, neroli essential oil (LMR naturals®), petit grain essential oil (LMR naturals®), leather, vetiver essence (LMR naturals®)

LMR naturals® is an IFF label awarded to exceptional, pure, natural raw materials that have been produced using a sustainable approach and with the utmost respect for the environment.

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In partnership with: Paul Guerlain

  • 4:30 am: tangerine awakening,
  • orange savannah. Step by step:
  • pink dust, acacia shadow,
  • tawny wood. A distant roar.
  • Slender stripes, spotted leather.
  • Feline neroli.

To explore the different facets of this perfume:

  1. Spray the perfume onto a blotter or directly onto your skin
  2. Discover the visual elements while smelling the perfume. If you like, use an audio headset for an optimum discovery experience.

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4:30 am:
tangerine awakening
Orange savannah
Step by step: pink dust
Acacia shadow
Tawny wood
A distant roar
Slender stripes
Spotted leather
Feline neroli

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