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Patchouli Magnetik

The defining adventure : a motorcycle ride through patchouli fields during a tropical storm.

The surprising contrast: dark, woody patchouli is electrified by a milky and luminous duo of sandalwood and gardenia.

Fragrance family : woody solar perfume extract (vegan). 33% concentration.

Key raw materials: gardenia accord, white peach accord, ORPUR patchouli essential oil, ORPUR sandalwood essential oil, ORPUR vanilla absolute, ORPUR benzoin absolute, leather accord.

The ORPUR label brings together the finest natural perfume ingredients from the Givaudan perfume house.

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In collaboration with: Quentin Bisch

  • Tropical escape.
  • Interlaced gardenias, wild frangipanis.
  • White peach, dark clouds,
  • Milky sandalwood. A thunderclap.
  • Benzoin droplets, electric patchouli.
  • A night of lightning.

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Tropical escape
Interlaced gardenia, wild frangipani
White peach
Dark clouds
Milky sandalwood
A thunderclap
Patchouli Magnetik
Benzoin droplets
Electric patchouli
A night of lightning

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  • patchouli magnetik - echapee tropicale
  • Patchouli Magnetik
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