Ingredients 07\2012

Ingredients 07/2012 is a gender-free perfume extract created in partnership with INGREDIENTS store in Prague to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the opening of the boutique.

For this new creation, Jakub Kopcak and Lukas Loskot - the founders of Ingredients - and Thibaud Crivelli - the founder of Maison Crivelli - have joined their creative vision to develop a surprising, audacious and provocative masterpiece.

In a complete break from the way fragrance has traditionally been presented, the composition of the perfume will remain a secret, thus allowing each person to discover the creation with a blank slate and experience it in a totally personal way.

Ingredients 07\2012 is the first opus within the Collection Particulière, a new series of exclusive creations between Maison Crivelli and its most prestigious partners in the world.

Concentration: 32%.

2 complimentary samples offered for every order which includes a 50 ml or 100 ml bottle. Free standard delivery (conditions apply). International taxes and duties not included.

When you order a 50 ml bottle of Ingredients 07\2012, you will also receive a 1.5 ml sample so that you can try the fragrance before confirming your purchase.

In partnership with: Gael Montero