• Forest races, crispy wild berries,
  • tangy brambles, summery times.
  • First one home. Cheeky games,
  • smoky tea, spicy bark.
  • Silvery reeds, lively embers,
  • fruity seeds. A crimson moon.

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Created by Dorothée Piot
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For each perfume, Maison Crivelli proposes a totally new experience of fragrance discovery. Our atypical approach enable us to finally feel and understand the different facets of the perfume in a totally personal manner.

To explore the different facets of this perfume, spray the perfume onto a blotter or directly onto your skin and click here to start.

Discover the visual elements while smelling the perfume. If you like, use an audio headset for an optimum discovery experience.



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Forest races
Crispy wild berries
Tangy brambles, summery times
First one home. Cheeky games, smoky tea
Spicy bark
Silvery reeds
Fruity seeds
Lively embers
A crimson moon

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