• Salty dunes, zesty spume,
  • fiery bougainvillea. Sparkly spindrift.
  • Pirouetting pink birds,
  • imperial wind-blown centifolia.
  • Swirly sand, silky seaweed meadows.
  • Undersea woods, crystalline moods.

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Created by Stéphanie Bakouche
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For each perfume, Maison Crivelli proposes a totally new experience of fragrance discovery. Our atypical approach enable us to finally feel and understand the different facets of the perfume in a totally personal manner.

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Salty dunes
zesty spume
fiery bougainvillea
Sparkly spindrift
Pirouetting pink birds
imperial wind-blown Centifolia
Swirly sand, silky seaweed meadows
Undersea woods
Crystalline moods

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