Papyrus Moléculaire

The experience: the surprising discovery of papyrus root powder, with a group of women smoking cigarillos. The surprising contrast: a milky, soft and powdery note contrasts with a rebellious tobacco accord.
Perfumer: Leslie Girard

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  • Papyrus twist, carrot twirl, indigo grip.
  • Incandescent roots, coriander boost,
  • ground amyris. Strong character,
  • powdery skin, peppery tonka.
  • A hint of cigar: rebellious
  • sweetness, peals of laughter.

To explore the different facets of this perfume:

  1. Spray the perfume onto a blotter or directly onto your skin
  2. Discover the visual elements while smelling the perfume. If you like, use an audio headset for an optimum discovery experience.

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Papyrus twist
Carrot twirl, indigo grip
Incandescent roots
Coriander boost
Ground amyris
Strong character, powdery skin
Peppery tonka
A hint of cigar
Rebellious sweetness, peals of laughter

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