Lys Sølaberg

The experience: discovering lilies during a night hike on a fjord.

The surprising contrast: a smoky, pearlescent lily contrasts with a moist, amber note.

Fragrance family: amber woody floral eau de parfum.

Key raw materials: lily flower, quince, calamus essential oil, gaiac wood, ambroxan, oak moss absolute, cedar essential oil, torrefied oak chips absolute, tobacco absolute, cistus labdanum essential oil.

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In partnership with: Nathalie Feisthauer

  • Midnight sun, a delicious cascade.
  • A fjord in flower, candied quince.
  • Smoky iridescent lily. A verdant vault.
  • A granite bridge, peat mantle.
  • Casks of grilled oak.

To explore the different facets of this perfume:

  1. Spray the perfume onto a blotter or directly onto your skin
  2. Discover the visual elements while smelling the perfume. If you like, use an audio headset for an optimum discovery experience.

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Midnight sun
A delicious cascade
A fjord in flower
Candied quince
Smoky iridescent lily
A verdant vault
A granite bridge
Peat mantle
Casks of grilled oak

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